African American

There is no I in team.

  Every time I say, “i love football” , i get “name 3 offensive linemen on this team”.  why do I need to know stats  and names socials and date of births?  Why can’t I just like the game?  Have you ever asked me why I like the game? Or do you assume I say I like it so I can have something to talk about   Yes I’m a pats fan but it’s not for the ride on the bandwagon.  I started watching football (or shall we say learning about football) in an era where teams played with heart. I liked other teams too. I liked the Steelers, the Colts the Ravens the Falcons and the Panthers.   Still like those teams. not coz i enjoy riding the bandwagon. I like an exciting game. I like to see both teams sweat it out and tough it out.   I like seeing hard work pay off.  And even if they don’t win, I know I’m guaranteed a good heartfelt knock down drag em out game.    Why do you like the game?   I like football because it’s not a “one-man” sport.  It’s a cohesive unit working hard to achieve a goal.  Not coz it’s a paycheck but it’s what they love and they excel at it.   So how does that make me a fake sport fan?  Because I don’t know how many touchdowns Donovan Mcnab scored in his first NFL game doesn’t make me any less a fan that you or anyone else.  Why I love it?  Because it’s the only sport where on any given Sunday you can see a wide receiver run 7 yards down the middle breaking 11 tackles just to make it to that end zone.   Or you can see Marvin Harrison trip. ball in hand get up evade 7 or 8 broncos n run 20 yards for a touchdown Now tell me that’s not symmetry and that’s not poetry in motion!! Not just coz of talent but just God Given heart.  It just represents the kind of “heart” we should apply in our own lives.   Now tell me why wouldn’t I like football?

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