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I remember my bro coming into my room one night. overly emotional he was.  He was crying.  he was drunk but a drunk mind speaks a sober heart ( or at least I think that’s how the proverb goes).  Needless to say my brother battles his own demons. and right at that moment I wasn’t sure how to help him fight his battle since I was losing my own.  But that was then and this is now and there is nothing like the Blood of Jesus to pull you through sporadic bouts  of depression.  I believe God has a plan for me and I believe he has one for my brother.  And while there are yet the atypical Goals I’d like to see come to pass as a Young Jamerican thirtysomething, I’ve realized an even deeper focus.   I realized that I’d like everything in my life to work out to God’s glory.   Now that I’ve said that out loud to myself, I feel like this great big burden’s been lifted.  Because while I was yet focusing on the cross and fulfilling God’s will in my life,   He was working inconspicuously in the background to help me achieve my own  dreams which I’ve since put on the back burner.   I got this letter in the mail informing me that the law suit –  dredged up from an auto-accident 4 years ago – is no more….   Can you imagine what it feels like to struggle with unemployment or low paying jobs trying to stay afloat financially then to be served by a marshall because it’s a recession and wow “my back pain is kicking in so let me sue Meshia for some money she doesn’t have” .  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining.   I actually find it quite comical.  But just contemplating the circumstances surrounding this particular situation i was sure to have a brain aneurysm by now.  But God works in awe-inspiring mysterious ways and while I was trying to add another day to my life by fretting,  He was pulling some strings.  so what can I say except Thank You Jesus.  I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help. 


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