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It was one of those dreary days.  Not real wintry, just the kind of day that was best spent in doors sipping coffee or a latte.   But not for me.  I had to go against the grain. I was at Barnes and Nobles moaning and groaning on the phone.  Recalling how much I missed Borders Books.  Terique was quite accommodating.  He let me ramble on about how unsatisfied i was with having to shop at B&N when Borders the love of my life had passed way (went out of business).  So  here I am perusing the aisles, looking for books in Fantasy fiction and Fiction; indecisive  about what I wanted to read.   After 4 hours of picking up book after book and putting them back down after seeing the price tag, I finally left with a bargain book and what turned out to be a book I’d already read.  To top it off the rain was coming down in droves now.  beating against my windshield and the sides of poor little Christine with an unrelenting passion.   Still it wasn’t so bad it was still one of those childhood rainy days where the rain came down so hard  you could see the fog building around the tires of the other cars on the Highway.  So I went to TwoBoots nostalgic for some chicken gumbo.   Sat in the car and ate/drank that gumbo like it was my last meal.   There’s something terribly comforting about hot gumbo on a cold rainy day,  It seems to lift the spirits.

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