African American

Insurmountable Odds

My life’s brand new.  I’ve relocated to Florida and all prospects are daunting.  My Brother passed away on Friday June 17th.   Cause of Death is still unknown and pending further study.   There looms, so much uncertainty in our lives, that our faith in God has been tested.    I ponder the outcome of all these steps we’ve taken.  My Mom needs to obtain legal guardianship of my nephew.   My brother’s funeral expenses have left us destitute and I am currently out of  a job.   I left what was once my home and my job to relocate to a state in which, I know no one and have to rely on the kindness of strangers and perhaps family members to get by.   I am indeed humbled by my current circumstance but I know there’s  a reason why God sent me here.   It’s just taking me a long time to understand it.   I’m swamped by confusion at this point and I hate not knowing what’s going to come next.  But these past few weeks have taught me some invaluable lessons.   Cliche as they may sound.   Tomorrow is promised to no-one.   So love and appreciate the individuals in your life whom God has blessed you with and use your time here on earth with them wisely.

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