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Grabbing life by the horns

This morning I uttered a simple prayer and then it all came rushing back to me.  Everything!  How I could Help myself..  How I could help Terique.   (He’s got his moments when he’s down too).    I think that God answered a multitude of prayers in one fell swoop.  Prayers I didn’t know I’d been asking.   There are a few things  I’ve identified about my depression:


  1. I’m alone down here
  2. I’m listless
  3. I have no value.  


Those are the main issues i encounter.   Quite the defeatist attitude if you ask me.  But in praying and poring things over  God  (and Chavon) gave me my answers.  Maybe I’m not working now but I could  do some volunteer work.  Cure for loneliness – Volunteer work places me around other like-minded individuals and gives me the opportunity to socialize and meet people in a positive setting.   Cure for Listlessness (is that a word?) – it presents an opportunity to occupy my free time. Cure for worthlessness – It also helps me to feel better about my self because I’d be doing something that was worthwhile.  


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