African American

On Thursday I removed another scrap of paper from the Prayer Box Terique gave me.   I found a Job which I start on Monday.  Yet I can’t help feeling melancholy ( and guilty because of it).   I know I should be happy but the one thing I want in this world, I cannot have.   Often we take for granted those we have around us. Especially, our siblings and we just don’t realize that one day we could lose them.  Let’s face it, its not like you can just go to the store and buy a new one to replace the one you lost.   We can do that with possessions but not people.  You might want to cherish the people you have in your life while you still have them.   set aside your petty squabbles and fights and just enjoy each others company.  I feel equally bad because I should be giving thanks for the doors God has opened for me but yet I’d trade it in  an instant for my brother.   I have to wonder if I’m ever going to stop feeling this way.   I would’ve traded my life for his when it came down to it because there was so much he has done and wanted to do.  I pray God will forgive me for my lackluster attitude.   I just don’t see how I’m going to get on without my bro.   

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