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I’ve discussed at length how depressed I’ve been and I think that God has answered my prayers in granting me a new lease on life.  Here I am in sunny Florida with a job and new apartment and everyday thanking God for waking me anew.  Thanking God for what I do have in my life and trying to make changes for the better.  I think lately I’ve been a serial whiner. But that’s about to change. presently I’m working on a flyer for my church “To The Word Ministries”.   Next I’ll be working on my Network Plus certification and I’ve decided to do a complete overhaul on the physical. new hairdo new clothes new attitude.  And I’ll try not to bite off as many heads as I used to.   Operative word is “Try”.   I remember crying out to God and I know he heard my cry.  Now he keeps me busy enough so I don’t remember my troubles. Or so I don’t remember Losing my brother though I still know he’s Gone but at the very least I won’t sit here poring over it enough to sink myself into a stupor.  All-in-All I’m happy.  I’m among family and maybe I’ll make some friends down here.  But I wake up with the sunshine in my face and it’s enough to take my breath away.  The simple pleasures in life. 

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