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Homage to the Anomaly

Where am I in my relationship with God?  Have I developed another Stronghold?  Could it be that my captor is me?  I’m at a stalemate.  I’m standing at a junction facing too many forks in the road, not knowing which option to take.  I am trying to please everybody and yet I can please no one.   it feels so much like I’m under pressure. under the Gun expected to meet certain criteria. so much so that I forgot what being me was about.  I can’t place blame.  I’m too old for the blame game.  but how do I resolve it without finding the source and eradicating it.   just another of my inane soliloquy.  I say as much because I realize no one reads this blog.   Yesterday I  told drew that I was writing fiction but it’s far from the truth.  I’m not sure I’m comfortable with anyone reading my thoughts  and maybe I’d read them to Terique if I thought he was remotely interested in my narcissism.  But as it stands no body is.  This has been my altar to myself and idol worship will not be tolerated any longer.  Henceforth this blog is about my 360 degree sphere.   In other news the flyer is finished. feast your eyes.  No it’s not graphical ingenuity but it’s a start:



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