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The Purpose Driven Life

I woke up this morning and I read some scripture and read my bible plans.  I read from this book also.  The book is called  “The Purpose Driven Life”.   But I topped it all off with an argument via text with Terique.   He broached a valid point to me and rather than admit he was right I chose to argue.  I mean I did see holes in his theory but that was the wrong time to broach that.   So I fought him tooth and nail until I finally realized I was back in that Rut again.   I have a problem with being wrong.   Better yet I have a problem with always being wrong. over and over again.   I’d like to know there’s something in my life I’m doing right.   No pats on the back needed.   Just an idea that I’m not wasting my life.   I guess that’s what The Purpose Driven Life is about.    Knowing God’s Plan for you.   Haven’t read a full chapter yet but in evaluating myself. I’ve realized that I’m a walking disaster.  Ground Zero has nothing on me.

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