African American

Mountain Moving Power

Things aren’t currently as great as they were.  However, this isn’t a precursor to depression.  I”m just left in current state of confusion.    The devil has a way of trying to trip you up when you work so hard on exercising your faith.   I feel like the current curveballs are just a test of my true mettle.    However, I will not falter. or at least I’ll try not to.    I won’t go into just how grave our situation is because there’s a part of me that’s embarassed by it.   I am the kind of person who doesn’t’ really like to discuss my financial pitfalls because I was reared in a society in which your true worth is based upon your credit score and financial status.    It’s depressing when you think of it in wordly terms.  So the challenge at hand is to face it on Godly Terms.   What would Jesus Do?    Matthew 21:18 – 22

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