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Posh Nail Lounge

So I checked out this new (new to me)nail place today. The entire time I’m clenching my butt coz I know that bill’s gonna come and it’s gonna be this exorbitant amount of Guap. I get there for my 5:00 pm and they treated me so nicely. Offered me wine, champagne or any non-alcoholic beverage of my choice. I’d tell you I was in seventh heaven but that’d be a lie. I couldn’t unclench my ass for fear of the price which no one mentions and for which I think it’d be in poor taste to ask. So I check their site online. Yet Again, no mention of pricing. Then I Foursquare em in a fit of social media whoring. Still no damn price. I literally held my cheeks together right up to the moment I walk up to the register and the cashier says “that’ll be 67 dollars”. Needless to say I’ve found my new nail salon. For 67$ this man (my nail tech) gave me new feet and new hands with a side of sprite.


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