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    This Little Rainbow Clique

    The older I get the more I have this disdain for surrounding myself with only LGBT individuals.   I know that sounds crazy but let me explain why.  I’ve been on this scene for perhaps 8 years or so and I’m pretty much able to predict the actions of my gay/ lesbian counterparts.   So much so that it really doesn’t add any mystery to the situation.    Being of sound Sagittarian mind and body, it is in my nature to want to experience new things and to learn and grow spiritually.   I’m not finding that by only associating with one specific group in society.   I think that as a lesbian the objective…

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    Favorite photos? What’s so hot about having your home destroyed? Random Thought #2 I’d like an ice cold Pina Colada from Donut Delight. Maybe I should go to work early so I can stop and pick one up