It’s Official….

Twitter is a piece of shit.?? Twice I?ve attempted to log on today and
twice, I?ve been told that the site is down for maintenance.??? Are you
telling me that people are so seriously addicted to Twitter that they never
log off and spend 24 hours of each day of every week hitting the refresh
*checks my person*.?? Am I one of those people??? Today was a better day for
me.? I?m thinking clearly and I?m oh so focused at work.? I think it?s
because I?m not head over heels or twitterpated.?? I think my problem with
love is that I?m in love with the concept of being in love.? I?m in love
with the idea of coming home to someone every night or day ?and snuggling up
and watching a blockbuster movie.? Shyt I?m even in love with the concept of
going grocery shopping together.? Picking out living room curtains and
making what would have been otherwise mundane decisions with that special
someone.?? But then I also hate to be around that someone 24/7 with no space
for me time.?? I despise dressing alike because it?s the cute couple thing
to do and I despise being told what to do in a relationship .?? My
rebellious nature is not a fan of commitment.? Maybe I can take a stab at
monogamy which I?ve done more often than not.? But I don?t know that I can
stay caged in a one woman p.o.v. for long.

Luck be a Lady Tonight

I got a newfound crush who will never know I exist. She made me fall in love with hip hop again and Lord knows it’s been years since Meesh was in love with hip hop. But I shit you not the one chick I’d compromise all my values for should the opportunity ever present itself is the one, the only; Lady Luck. In short, Meesh would like to bone Lady Luck. I don’t know if it’s just the crazy punch lines or the laidback swagga. Either way she’ll get it.


Road Trip

Ladies and Gentlemen.   Well Ladies anyway.   Hmm I wonder why
I don’t have any male friends?   It’d be nice to have a male friend
who I can relate to without them trying to fuck me or without them telling me
that the past 8 years of my homosexuality have been nothing but a phase.  But
that’s a topic for another day.  I’m taking a road trip down to
Georgia for the Easter weekend.   It’s a family outing for which I’ll
be dusting off the Nikon and catching the sights.   I’m driving 4 hours. 
My brother’s driving 4 hours and My Mom’s driving 4 hours.  Then
from GA, I’m driving 5 hours and Moms driving 5 hours to Fort Lickerdale
to see My other Brother and his family.    I anticipate a fun-filled weekend of
bobbing and weaving and ducking the high-way cops on the way down .    I’ll
update you good  folks on my trip coz I’ll have this wonderful piece of
machinery with me. 

in surmise

I haven’t really had a moment to myself this past week.  I’ve mainly been stressing out about work and all the bullshit that comes with it.  But for the first time in a long time I found myself thinking clearly yesterday.  It’s been kind of hard learning all the aspects of data recovery in the lab.   But I find that once I approach things with a clear head I’m usually able to figure it out.   So yesterday was a great day at work despite my boss bitching about recoveries and despite the fact I damn near tore my thumbnail off.   Lately I’ve only been talking to Aquafina and it seems like she’s changed for the better.  I guess I’ll continue this friendship and see where the day takes me.   She seems a lot more humbled than she used to be.  But you know how that goes.   You always put your good foot first.   I’m a little psyched for my drive to Georgia for the Easter weekend coming up.   We’re supposed to take turns driving out there.  It’s going to be my brother, my mom, myself and my nephew making the trip.   We’re all going to see my cousin and aunt.  I haven’t even started packing.    But I’ll get that done this weekend. Some shopping may be in order.  

6 degrees of dyke drama

There arises this insurmountable urge to shut the lesbian world and it’s 6 degrees of dyke drama out.   On this edition of Lunar Lunacy;  Aquafina issued an apology for how she treated me during our relationship.   So did CH.   Supposedly she felt bad for being dishonest when all I asked of her was honesty.  But it was a little hard to swallow considering she’s been concocting stories about me and relaying them to random individuals.  None of whom are interconnected.   She sent me a text this morning saying  “Man you a cold peace of work its kewl don’t worrie bout me blowin up  ur phone or beggin you as you put it.”  She’s half right.  I am cold.  I can’t really feel any emotion towards her at this point considering she’d been sleeping with her ex and came back from the night club with a hickey from a random stranger.  As of late i’ve also been informed she was stalking her other ex while with me.   I guess I can’t really bring myself to feel the least bit of regret for merely stating the fact that she was begging me or blowing up my phone.  

Insecurity in a relationship

Lying, cheating women tend to use insecurity as a crutch in
relationships. How?   First one must ask; how many times has my girl
done some significantly shady shit and when approached responded, ”
You’re so insecure.”? Where do we draw the fine line between
identifying insecurity and identifying  intuition?

Ha I’m such a geek!! I’m learning how to use UNIX scripts to automate my
blog posts via email. I truly have no life.

the ch chronicles

this shitload of confusion between myself and ch is neverending. the
dynamic thus far is bittersweet. she stalked me for a new york minute
and I let her back into my life as just a friend or so I thought. we’d
previously come to an amicable agreement of friendship which turns out
to be not-so-amicable. last night she asked if I’d be her girl again.

Just the little things


This pretty picture is my ¾ eaten lunch. Soup of the day was Red Peas soup. Sorry I demolished it before even thinking about taking a photo

Now to most of you non-west Indian individuals this might look a little gross. But shyt to me it’s a likkle piece a yaaad.

I was thinking about that as I was eating it and It made me think about just the little shyt I tend to take for granted. Picture life in a world with no Red Peas Soup. So the thought of the day like the soup of the day is:

Cherish what you got coz tomorrow it might be gone.


color me amused when the asshole in the 7 series bmw gets caught ”
flexin by the highway pigs