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    I knew I was asking for it when I logged into her account.   She’s still sending msg’s to this chick even tho I asked her not to fuck with shorty (for legitimate reasons). Not to mention the fact I realized she lied to me the other day this shyt just diminishes my trust for her.   So here’s what I’s gone do.  I’s gone do Me.  

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    Another one bites the dust.

    The one thing I ask for in my relationships is honesty.   Shyt, I even hold the door open  so honesty can walk in.    For those of us who are just tuning in, I just started talking to CH 2 months ago.   We made things official last week and a week into our relationSHIT, she’s already lying to me.     She had her ex over this past weekend.  Granted  this is a long distance relationship, I can’t expect the world of her but the one thing I did and still do want is some honest –to –goodness, down-home cooked, made with love HONESTY.   How CH fucked up is that she failed to…

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    The Authority on Motherhood

    I went spastic earlier.   I was having a conversation with CH.   She tells me about how her mom (now 42) keeps her 10 year old brother at home (and out of school) to wait on her hand and foot.   I  can’t really understand how one would keep your offspring out of school when you have the luxuries of sending them to school free of charge.     I think I almost burst into tears at the thought of that.   I’m  West Indian.   I’m not sure how the educational system is structured in modern day Jamaica, but I do know that My Mom had to  work her ass off to keep her…

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    I find it amazing how women naturally develop these maternal instincts after giving birth.  One would think any red-blooded female who gave birth would want to nurture her child.  But I don’t see that too often these days and it scares me.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll end up in the same shoes as half these women I’ve come across.   I wonder if I’ll be one of those mothers who eat their young.  One of those women who would sacrifice their own seed for a buck.   My  16 year old cousin’s mom gave her away (sold her) to a man who could have been her father.  How does one…

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    Someone I can relate to

    Walking the streets at the Inaugural parade. He looks like a regular schmo walking down that street with the girl of his dreams.   That’s just the beauty of it.   I see my aunts and uncles, and next door neighbors in their faces.  I see my neighborhood in their faces.  I see my upbringing in their faces.  I see a good ole southern family barbecue in their faces.  Then i breath a long deep sigh of relief.  Martin you ain’t gotta roll in yo grave no more.   Your dream just became a reality.

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    New Responsibilities

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt like  a dilettante before.  Well, not until now.  I’ve been working in the Lab for almost a month and will admit that sometimes the tasks are overwhelming.   There is so much to process all at once and my fear is that I’ll forget it as soon as I learn it.   I’m in one  of those situations where fast-paced learning is required and although I’ve learned a great deal, there are still more thresholds to be conquered.   Here it is, I’m wanting to throw myself back into my work once again and I haven’t even ventured out on a vacation.   

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    I have a million and one reasons why I should go out this weekend and get shitfaced.  But I’ll refrain from the latter.  My boss offered the option of relocating and I feel like it’s just what the doctor ordered.   However he’d like to me to relocate to the VA/DC area within 3 months.   I don’t even know how that’s going to happen seeing as I haven’t even started looking for an apartment out there and I’m not even sure how I would start.   So if anyone has some advice on where to find a nice little 1 bedroom in a decent area (preferably somewhere  I won’t get shot), then…

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    Where do I begin?  I’ve been spending the last few days doing a lot of soul-searching.   I know that I’ve spent the better part of the last 8 years looking to fill a void.   I thought perhaps if I fell in love I’d find completion.  But love isn’t exactly what it’s all about.  I’m a spiritual person and I’d like to think there’s a divine purpose to be fulfilled by me.   I have an old soul and I can’t help but feel the fatigue setting in.   I feel like I’m running this perpetual hamsters wheel with no clue as to why I’m running and I know that I need to…

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    inside I feel the onset of a new spiritual awakening.   I don’t want to be just another face in the crowd.  I want to stand out.  I want to be defiant and I want to show strength in my convictions.   Like i did when I was 17 years old when I wanted God to change my life for the better.   Somewhere down the line, it all got confused.   I let my trust in humans outweigh my faith in God.   Now like the rest of these lost souls, I wander the streets disenfranchised and desensitized.  So much so, that I can’t even stop to smell the roses in my concrete Jungle.  …

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    Say Uncle!!

    One day a man was walking down the street on his way to work. As he walked down the street, there were dogs on just about every front porch and they all would bark as the man walk passed them. However, there was one dog that he remembered, because this dog was just sitting there and he was whimpering and whining and moaning, you know the little whimpering sounds dogs make when they are wounded or in some sort of pain. Well, this particular dog was just sitting there on the front porch making those sounds. The man was curious as to why this dog wasn’t barking like the other…